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Technology for the Digital World

Facility Automation

Today’s challenges in facility automation are more complex than ever before. Whether clients are erecting skyscrapers, airports, or updating corporate headquarters, they are braving new territory in building automation. Diversity in vendor technologies and the essential factors now being forecasted for future efficiencies both contribute to the environment being so complex.

A facility automation system is comprised of several sub systems that are integrated in order to control how the facility operates. HMA has automation specialists with over 20 years of experience in automating HVAC, electric, lighting and other functions in the total building operation. Whether based on open architecture or more traditional concepts, our system automation designs make it possible for clients to give facility personnel higher states of productivity and control which result in more comfort and reliability. The bottom line is that by receiving the data they need, our clients can make the right decisions that maintain efficiencies and reduce costs in the short term and beyond.

  • Energy Management
  • Web Enabled Systems
  • LEED Measurement and Verification
  • Lighting, Dimming & Daylighting Control
  • Direct Digital Control
  • HVAC Control and Optimization
  • Central Plant Optimization
  • Cost Estimating
  • Distributed Control Wide & Local Area Networks
  • Electrical Distribution Monitoring
  • Electrical Distribution Control
  • System Performance Auditing
  • Interoperable Systems
  • Multiple Vendor Integration
  • Energy Metering & Billing
  • Preventative Maintenance Management

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