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Technology for the Digital World

Industry Projects

Campus Facilities

HMA has provided a wide array of services to academic, retail, commercial office and corporate campuses around the globe.

Corporate Headquarters

Much of HMA’s expertise in security and safety, automation, information technology and intelligent building systems can be found in properties that house many of the world’s best-known companies.

Educational Institutions

Concerns over security should never inhibit one’s ability to learn or teach.  HMA has helped many students, instructors and administrators begin and end each day with the peace-of-mind they deserve.

Government Facilities

High security, efficient communication systems and intelligent design enable federal, state and local government facilities to perform at their peak, for the betterment of those they serve.

Healthcare Facilities

Preserving the well-being of patients often requires an honest assessment of a building’s “health”.  HMA’s expertise helps healthcare facilities effectively deliver vital services.

High Technology Centers

By nature, high-tech facilities demand the best in intelligent design, HVAC controls, communications and security. HMA has aided in the design and engineering of many such facilities – and their highly advanced systems – from the ground up.

Hospitality Facilities

Welcoming guests is but one facet of the hospitality experience. Behind the scenes, security, comfort and communications are paramount. HMA helps the world’s premier hospitality providers  control their environments seamlessly.

Industrial Facilities

HMA understands that lives may quite literally be on the line every workday at many of the world’s industrial facilities. The ultimate in safety, security and control is required to help assure that people can do their jobs safely – and that those outside facility walls remain safe, too.

Intelligent & Highly Integrated Buildings

These buildings include some of the most sophisticated systems and integration of those systems to provide optimum performance, functionality and efficiencies.

Mixed Use Facilities

Security, information technology, audio visual, parking guidance, building management/control systems, parking and revenue control and people counting are among the assets that make mixed use properties successful. HMA has provided systems consulting on some of the world’s finest mixed use facilities.

Office Towers

Doing one’s best work requires a setting that is comfortable, secure and connected. HMA has equipped many of the world’s renowned office properties with these qualities and more.

Residential Complexes

HMA underpins the comforts of “home” with advanced HVAC, communication, mechanical and security systems.

Retail Facilities

Security, parking, building management and control systems are among the assets that make successful retail properties tick. HMA has equipped many of the world’s finest.

Sports & Assembly Facilities

Providing an enjoyable, safe experience for huge crowds on a regular basis requires careful planning, precise engineering and the right building systems. HMA is a natural teammate for sporting and assembly facilities where action is the name of the game.

Super High Rise

The challenges of these 40 story + super high rise facilities require expertise in how these facilities operate and how systems perform in these iconic structures.

Transportation Facilities

Efficiently moving people, and the vehicles that carry them, is a science. Clearly, proper planning, engineering, security and communications are paramount. HMA has proven it is up to the challenge on a global scale.

Worship Institutions

Comfort and a sense of security are not only provided in the spirit of worship, but also in the systems and design of the places where worshipers are welcomed.


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