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Technology for the Digital World

Intelligent & Highly Integrated Buildings

By sheer definition, an Intelligent Building is the faultless integration of all low voltage systems working together perfectly. Designing Intelligent Building Systems that are truly integrated and work harmoniously requires core competencies in each of the diverse systems being integrated. HMA draws on twenty years of applying the most advanced systems available to ensure superior results. Our portfolio of Intelligent Building Systems encompasses commercial offices, civic and cultural spaces, educational and healthcare facilities, airports, manufacturing plants and high-rise residential buildings.

To help clarify misconceptions in the industry, HMA has developed a 5-star rating systems to assist the design teams in defining what level of integration is needed and what the market will demand.











Five Stars  

Highly integrated systems within the building including BMCS, security, fire alarm,  parking controls, parking guidance, WIFI, lighting controls, energy metering, electrical power monitoring and emergency power monitoring typically on a common network infrastructure.  Advanced operational strategies are deployed to enhance the user experience, assist the operations staff and to optimize energy use for the life of the building.

Four Stars  

Advanced building management and controls systems with extensive global optimization using the information from the software integrated subsystems.  The systems may or may not reside on a common structured cabling backbone and may communication with other highly integrated systems in the building such as security, parking control and parking guidance.  WIFI enabled access for operators to seamlessly connect to the system anywhere in the building.

Three Stars  

Comprehensive building management and control systems with local optimization routines and global energy management strategies.  Extensive software integration for the monitoring and control of the HVAC related systems such as chillers, speed drives, unitary compressor units.  Additional software integration  including lighting control, energy monitoring, electrical distribution, fire alarm and domestic services, etc.

Two Stars  

Direct digital control systems with local optimization and central monitoring with time based scheduling operation.

One Star  

Simple building controls with mostly unitary and compartmentalized controls with no central monitoring and control.


  • Low Voltage Technology Planning
  • Multiple Vendor Integration
  • Elevator Control
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Network Monitoring Facilities
  • Audio Visual
  • Room Reservation
  • Office Automation
  • Cellular Distributed Antennae Systems
  • First Responder Signal Enhancement Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Common Operator Interface
  • Building Dashboards
  • Building Smart Phone Applications

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