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Security, automation and communication that works


Achieving Reliability in Highly Integrated Control Systems

by John HatcherDownload (PDF 102 k)

“Some of the most challenging aspects of a high technology facility are the procurement and implementation of the integrated monitoring and control systems that will be the life blood of the operations.”

High Performance Buildings
Integrating Intelligent Systems Into your Business Plan

Download (PDF 1.6 mg)

“Video Over Internet Protocol (IP)”

by Matthew BadeDownload (PDF 213 k)

Design Considerations for a Secure Workplace and Facilities

Download (PDF 1.8 mg)

Presented at the Interiors American Society of Interior Designers Conference on Design. The Conference was held at Savannah International Trade & Convention Center.

Monitoring Systems Reliability

by John Hatcher Download (PDF 1.4 mg)

Presented at the 7X24 Exchange Lone Star Chapter meeting in Dallas, Texas.  7 x24 Exchange members have involvement with mission critical infrastructure and facilities.

Intelligent Building Systems

by John Hatcher Download (PDF 78 k)

Presented to a meeting of General Motors/ EDS personnel in Mexico City.

Security Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

by John Hatcher Download (PDF 131 k)

Presented to the Ontario International Trade Mission in Washington, DC.

Do all of the systems in your facility function as intended?
Should Your Building Be Commissioned?

by Julian Rachman, P.E. Download (PDF 279 k)

Just two decades ago, building infrastructure systems were simpler. For example, HVAC systems were controlled by pneumatic air, utilizing simple relay logic. Emergency electrical systems — supported by engine generators — were controlled by an automatic transfer switch making use of simple electromechanical relays. These systems were straightforward and simple to test function, but were very limited in scope.

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