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Technology for the Digital World


HMA is a full service, independent, non-product affiliated consulting firm.  The company was created to meet today’s highly complex demands within facilities by incorporating superior and comprehensive solutions.  We feel success in this pursuit requires a non-partial integrated approach utilizing people and technology.

By proactively integrating systems engineering and operations with the client’s specific needs, we provide technology solutions that are cost effective, maintainable and meet the operational needs.  This client specific focus is adhered to throughout the project development process including:

  • preliminary studies, evaluations and analysis
  • master planning
  • concept development and programming
  • schematic design
  • design development
  • construction documents
  • bidding, negotiation and contract award
  • construction inspections and installation oversight
  • final commissioning and acceptance testing
  • operational training oversight 

HMA provides comprehensive services related to the following:

Audio Visual

Often overlooked is how systems are operated and the human interface. HMA provides integrated solutions that bring the most advanced technological functions into easy-to-operate systems.

Facility Automation

Today’s challenges in facility automation are more complex than ever before. Whether clients are erecting skyscrapers, airports, or updating corporate headquarters, they are braving new territory in building automation.

Fire Detection, Alarm Communication

Fire alarm system services are a significant part of HMA’s global business. Whether working on new construction or a retrofit project, every detail in the design and integration of fire detection systems is critical to protecting people, property and technology.

In today’s ever expanding and fast growing internet world the need for a reliable and secure IT is vital. The IT infrastructure has proven itself to be reliable, scalable, and attainable to the point that it has advanced to be the backbone not only for internet and email services; but also for our television distribution, telecommunications systems, and many other building systems.

By sheer definition, an Intelligent Building is the faultless integration of all low voltage systems working together perfectly. Designing Intelligent Building Systems that are truly integrated and work harmoniously requires core competencies in each of the diverse systems being integrated.

Parking and Revenue Control Systems

Providing functional and cost effective solutions is a must for private and public parking facilities.  HMA provides expertise in parking access control, revenue based systems, parking availability and guidance systems, video surveillance and emergency assistance stations.

Security is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Nowadays every business and industrial group faces enormous safety risks. Employers and employees want to feel safe in their daily work environments.

Providing each of our clients with a systematic and documented process of ensuring that each of their building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and their operational needs is a service that HMA began providing many years ago. Now a known quantity in the industry, it is in great demand.

Wireless Technology

Given the complexity and ever changing codes and regulations, it is imperative to provide comprehensive wireless signal technology connectivity.  HMA provides wireless  solutions that bring the most advanced technological solutions while reducing capital outlays.

HMA Consulting, 5010 Wright Road, Suite 150 Stafford, Texas 77477
+1 832 944 6020

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