Project: Canary Wharf Retail
Location: London, United Kingdom
Developer/Owner/Manager: Canary Wharf
Design Architect: Adamson Associates

To cater for the 83,000 people working in the offices of Canary Wharf, shops and services exist on both the promenade level and below ground on the retail level.  The development is spread over 86 acres and provides parking for visitors and workers alike in the 5 underground car parks, which are under the office buildings. There are two department stores as well as over 120 retail units providing the full range of services expected of a busy town center, from fashion and jewelry to travel and healthcare. There are 25 “food to go” outlets, as well as over 30 bars, pubs and restaurants.

HMA designed and supervised the installation of the building management systems and physical security systems for the new Churchill Place retail building.  The building has no on site management or security suite; centralized monitoring and control is provided from the Canary Wharf Retail Security Control Room.

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