Project: Devon Data Center
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Developer/Owner/Manager: Devon

The data center project is a 66,000 square-foot, Tier III, one story with a basement (chiller plant) and structural precast data center rated for 310 MPH Winds.  Initial construction included one 10,000 square feet computer room at 150 Watts/SF critical load, and empty shell space for one additional 10,000 square feet computer room. The 150 Watts/SF critical load is backed up by three 2 MW generators and two UPS systems (each system with three 750 kVA modules). The raised floor includes twenty-eight  150 kva PDU’s. The mechanical system includes two 370 ton centrifugal chillers; two 370 ton air cooled chillers; three  galvanized steel cooling towers with stainless steel basins; fifteen 30 ton CRAH units, and a 80,000 gal. Thermal energy storage tank. Fuel oil for the three generators is stored in two  15,000 gallon underground tanks, and three 200 gallon fuel oil day tanks. This project achieved LEED Silver Certification.

HMA provided the design of the security and building management and controls systems.


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