Project: Sapura Headquarters Building
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Design Architect: KPK Architect
Interiors Architect: Roslan Baba Architect

This is a 500,000 square-foot building in the Tin Mines Resort just outside Kuala Lumpur, which was designed as an intelligent building.  HMA Consulting designed the building monitoring and control system, the building integrated security system and the systems integration for both the shell and core and fit-out. The intelligent fire alarm system, building monitoring and control system, building integrated security system and the elevator monitoring and control system are integrated so that they have a single operator interface from which all of the systems can be monitored and controlled.

Prior to the security systems design, HMA undertook a security risk analysis. In accordance with code requirements, the information exchange is unidirectional from the fire alarm system to the other intelligent building systems but is bi-directional between all the other systems. Separate vendors have provided each of the individual systems where there is a link to the office automation system that permits changes to environmental set points to be implemented via the office automation desktop computers. The interface between the intelligent building systems and the information technology systems also permits conference room reservation data to be communicated from the desktop systems to the building monitoring and control system so that HVAC and lighting control can be scheduled accordingly.

The interface between the building monitoring and control system and the fire alarm system ensures that the building monitoring and control system can undertake the necessary control in the event of a fire. This interface thus provides a link to the building integrated security system, which will locate the fire using the CCTV monitors. Data from the card access control and monitoring system initiates start up of HVAC and lighting in appropriate areas and also links to the payroll system for time and attendance management functions. Data from the building integrated security system is used to initiate lighting in the location of a security alarm. The networks include fibre optic based Ethernet and ATM.

The integrated security systems include CCTV surveillance systems, access control, employee ID badging, employee time and attendance tracking, parking control, voice communications, emergency assistance stations, elevator control, executive protection and alarm intrusion systems.

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