Project: Science City (Union Station)
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Project Type: Government Facilities, High Technology Centers, Retail Facilities
Developer/Owner/Manager: Hines
Design Architect: Ehrenkranz and Eckstut Keyes Condon Florance

HMA Consulting designed the environmental control systems for the Science Museum located in the old historic Union Station building in Kansas City.

Union Station was completed in 1914 and at that time was the third largest railway station in the USA. At its peak, the station handled an average of 220 trains a day. Amtrak still runs services through Kansas City but the schedule is greatly reduced and the main function of the station has been converted to a Science Museum.

This project involved a complete redesign of the HVAC systems and a replacement of the old pneumatic control system.
Kansas City Union Station is now a multi- use building including Science City Museum, restaurants, retail, IMAX theatre and the Amtrak ticket office.

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